26 March 2011

Have You Got Hay Fever? You Are Probably Not Drinking Enough Water!!

The human body is made up of between 60% and 75% water. The brain is even more than that, reaching 85% of water content. Water is vital to carry nutrients through the system, to regulate our temperature and blood pressure, as well as to carry out toxins and other unwanted residues from our body. It should be easy to conclude therefore that drinking water is one of the most fundamental actions we do during the day to keep us healthy and to keep our body working efficiently.

Many people however wait until they are very thirsty before they drink, and often, even then, they drink something other than water. Tea, coffee, alcohol or a carbonated drink like coke are the worst choices and a fruit juice is the least damaging option. 

Truth is your body needs just pure water in an amount of about 1 litre for every 30 kilos of body weight, and not even a freshly squeezed orange should be counted as part of the daily water intake. Any fluid other than water contains substances like sugar in alcoholic drinks, or proteins in the case of milk, or potassium in orange juice, which need water to be broken down and processed by the body. 

Therefore the amount of water that these drinks contribute to the body is greatly reduced by the other substances that they contain. In the case of alcoholic drinks like wine and beer, the amount of water needed by the body to process them down is actually much greater than the amount of water that the drinks provide to the body in the first place.

Histamine is a very important protein and neurotransmitter which helps regulating the amount of water in our body. When there is an insufficient amount of water for the healthy functioning of the body, a greater amount of histamine is produced to manage the limited water in our body and make sure that we survive. It does that by shutting down areas of the body that are not fundamental to live, like muscles, bones and skin, so that the brain, lungs, kidneys, liver and glands can receive and use the limited supply of water. The more we are dehydrated, the more histamine our body produces to switch on the “drought emergency process” in our body. As histamine shuts water off areas of the body that are not essential for life it also creates the perfect environment for an allergy or an asthma attack.

Let’s start with hay fever: there is pollen in the air and the wind brings it into direct contact with your eyes. A normal reaction of a well hydrated body would be to produce tears and wash off the intruder. However, because there is not sufficient water in the body, a great amount of histamine is produced and its “water saving program” starts... Eyes are not as essential to life as the brain or the kidneys, so histamine severely limits the supply of water to the eyes which then become red, swollen and itchy because of the pollen.

 Traditional allopathic medicine treats allergies with anti-histamine which stops the ability of histamine to redirect the limited amount of water to the areas that most need it. So due to the action of anti-histamine your eyes will have back the water needed to wash away the pollen, but at the same time it will also severely reduce the water into the cells of vital organs like the brains, liver, lungs and kidneys causing damage to their already stressed and dehydrated cells.

Let’s now look at asthma: in a situation where there is not sufficient water in the system, the increased histamine production will cause the bronchioles in the lungs to constrict reducing in that way the amount of water that evaporates from the body during breathing. Lung tissue is very vulnerable to dehydration because the thin walls of the air sacs that form the lungs have to stay moist all the time. Therefore dehydration will cause a huge damage unless the amount of water lost through evaporation is restricted by the action of histamine, which can also be a trigger of an asthma attack and the classic shortness of breath.

Once again allopathic medicine addresses the symptoms and administers inhalers that force the reopening of the bronchioles for easy breathing.

In both cases, allergy and asthma, the remedy provided by traditional western medicine solves the immediate problem and relieves the symptoms, but in reality also acts against the natural defences of the body which, through histamine, tries to make the best use of the little water it has available. Proper hydration, or to put it simply, a few good glasses of pure water would actually serve both purposes to relieve the symptoms and correct one of the possible triggers of the allergy or asthma attack: lack of water.

To give a different example, if you had a broken pipe in the house which was pouring water all over the floor of the house, would you mop up the water from the floor or try to fix the broken pipe?


  1. I love your final comment - so true with today's allopathic approach. I start every day with a large glass of fresh, clean water from our own dug well. As I swallow, I imagine it doing it's job to hydrate my body after a long night's sleep. I also drink a glass of water a bit before each meal.

    For such a simple thing, ie. drinking enough good water, so many people don't even think about it. I think it is taken for granted, but when you look at the whole picture, it is easy to see why it is so vital to stay hydrated.

  2. I agree! So often the simplest things in life are also the best ones! I wish we had a well too, the water is so much nicer when it comes from a well or, even better, a spring... We use rain water and when we find it not alkaline enough we just add a few granules of himalayan salt to it and that does the trick, plus it makes the taste so much better too!
    Have a great week!

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