12 August 2010

An apple a day...

Many of the things we were told when we were kids have a deep amount of truth in them... Apples are an incredible fruit and they are a very healthy way to start the day with the first portion of daily fruit!!

Give the apple a good scrub with water and some soap, rinse it well and then eat it without peeling it. Vitamins in the apple, as well as in the majority of fruit and veggies, are immediately under the skin so if you peel it and throw it away you are actually missing out on a great amount of the vitamins and minerals that the fruit or the vegetable contains...

Make sure that you also try to eat some of the seeds of the apple, as they contain a powerful substance which helps the body fighting cancer...

Eating fruit first thing in the morning is also a very valuable healthy habit because the fruit, which is also a good source of fibre, goes straight into your system after the overnight fasting, providing you some fructose for energy and fibre to cleanse the system. It is always much better to eat fruit with an empty stomach... so, tomorrow morning start your day with a nice juicy apple!!

An excellent book to learn more about fruit and how to eat is Dr. Paul Gross "Superfruits". Easy to ready but packed with facts and ideas this book is a must to learn all about the wonders that fruit can do for us!


  1. Congratulations on your new blog! (I found out about it through Adam's site...) I'll bookmark it and check it regularly, as I, too, share similar interests. My farm blog is windyfieldsmushrooms.blogspot.com...

    For the record, apples are my favourite fruit, and I eat at least two pieces of fruit before lunch every day :D

    Julie (aka Canadian Farmgirl)

  2. Thanks Julie! It's great to have some feedback and encouragement!! I must admit that after having a look at your blog I had an immediate desire to go and get some mushrooms and try your mushroom pastry!! I couldn't find your mushroom dip though... I'm a "dip craze"...! We actually have mushrooms quite often, raw in salads for example... I also made them sauteed once and served them on top of a thick pumpkin soup with a few leaves of fresh coriander and they were a success!!

  3. Hey, Laura! Glad you saw I visited...here's the link for the dip:


    Enjoy and talk to you soon - today's Market Day,very busy...