19 August 2010

A day spent without smiling is a day lost...

Unfortunately the author of this quote in unknown, but there is so much truth is in these words!! There are hundreds of scientific studies that show that people who are happier are also healthier... Once again, our body, mind and spirit are intrinsically connected, so it makes sense that if your mind and your spirit are happy, your body will follow and it will be much healthier!! Think of the organization which sends clown in the hospital because they discovered that people heal faster if they are in a good and positive mood...
A lot of research has been conducted to explore why some people seem to be happier than others, and the results all point to 4 main factors:
1. Happy people like themselves, they have a high level of self esteem and self love
2. They are usually extroverted, which means they get energized by being around other people. Extroverted people also have a tendency to think at the same time as they talk (which could cause some problems in some situations... :))
3. Happy people feel that they are in control of their life. The concept of being in control of one's life is a tricky one, as some people might say "Well, if I had a better job, or a better house or a different partner, I too would feel in control of my life!". However, feeling in control of one's life has a lot to do with taking responsibility of what we do, we say, we choose for ourselves...
4. Happy people are commonly optimistic... They live with the belief that "As one door closes another one opens"!
Now, let's make a little step further... Did you actually know that if you fell a bit sad, or down, or don't feel very well and you actually smile rather than frown, the smiling position of your face muscles will be recorded by your brain as happy and in a few minutes you will start feeling much better? A beautiful smile is not just a message that we send out to other people to let them know we are friendly and happy, it is also a message that we can send to our body, mind and spirit to pick ourselves up!

One more step... A smile is highly contagious!! If you smile to a stranger in the street, most likely they will smile back and people will always be drawn more easily towards a person who smiles rather than a person who looks serious!

And as another unknown author rightly said:

Smile! Because you never know who is going to fall in love with your smile...!

Wayne Dyer is a great writer and he has the amazing ability of explaining things so easily that I often find, while reading his books, saying to myself "Of course!! Why didn't I think of this before?"... But the best characteristic of Wayne Dyer and his books is that everything he writes about he has experienced and applied to his own life, family and friends, so when you read his books you can actually see the journey that brought him to a particular conclusion, and often you find similarities with what's happening in your life... A complete pleasure to read and a great way to start smiling more!!


  1. I knew we had lots in common - I have several of Wayne Dyer's books and have borrowed others... Have you seen his movie, The Shift? Great story, and you get to listen to his beautiful baritone voice.

  2. Hi Julie!! I have read and still reading lots of Wayne's books and I find them all amazing... But I haven't seen the movie... I'll have to look for it... when did it come out? By the way I tried your mushroom dip and it's absolutely fantastic!!
    Have a gorgeous day and weekend!!